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Alaska Fisheries Science Center Quarterly Report Index for Issues 1997-2012

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Information about the Center's research activities and results with in-depth feature articles are provided in the Quarterly Report.  This multi-page index links to research articles and division report lisitings, grouped by year.  Quarterly issues are indicated for each listing.  A listing may appear under multiple categories.

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Pacific cod


Pacific herring


Pacific ocean perch


Pacific sandfish


Pacific sleeper shark - see Shark, Pacific sleeper


Pacific whiting (hake)




Perch - see Pacific ocean perch




PICES - see North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)


Pink salmon - see Salmon, pink


Pinniped - see also Survey


Plaice - see Alaska plaice




Pollock - see Walleye pollock




Pollution / Pollutants / Contaminants / Debris - see also Environmental monitoring,    Oil spill / Hydrocarbons


Porpoise, Dall's - see also Cetacean


Porpoise, harbor - see also Cetacean


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Quillback rockfish - see Rockfish, quillback


Resource Assessment & Conservation Engineering (RACE) Division reports


Resource Ecology & Fisheries Management (REFM) Division reports


Right whale - see Whale, right


Ringed seal - see Seal, ringed


Rock sole - see Sole, rock


Rockfish - see also Habitat,    Survey,    Trawl / Trawl survey


Rockfish, black - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, blackspotted - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, dark - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, dusky - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, northern - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, quillback - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, rosethorn - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, rougheye - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, sharpchin - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, shortraker - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, thornyhead - see also Rockfish


Rockfish, yelloweye - see also Rockfish


Rosethorn rockfish - see Rockfish, rosethorn


Rougheye rockfish - Rockfish, rougheye


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