AFSC Education

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NOAA and Other Opportunities

Ocean's For Life Program
A unique cross-cultural program for High School Students located in Key West FL.

National Ocean Sciences Bowl
Do you bowl? Join an Ocean Sciences Bowl team! Check out how your school can participate.

Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program
ANSEP uses a longitudinal model that works with students from the time they are in middle school all the way through to the PhD.

Students in Action

Learn what scientists do...

Middle and High School Students

NOAA Science Camp and Junior Leaders Program

ID fish, map the ocean floor, and learn about scuba diving for science during this week-long summer camp for middle school students. During the same time, the junior leadership program prepares high school students to be leaders.

Undergraduate Students

Internships In the Greater Seattle region

NOAA has partnered with the UW Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean to provide internship experiences for students.

School year experience at Western WA Univerity

Spend two quarters at WWU with the Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences: Undergraduate Participation program.

Internships with the U.S. Federal Government

Check out the Pathways Program for undergraduates and recent graduates.

NOAA Scholarships and Internships

Find out what scholarships are available for you and what other NOAA programs have internships.

Graduate Students

From fellowships to scholarships - find out what NOAA resources are available for graduate students.