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Groundfish Assessment Program


Photo of a trawl net in the water
Photo of a basket of fish and invertebrates

The AFSC Groundfish Assessment Program (GAP), in addition to regularly conducting bottom trawl surveys, also investigates biological processes and interactions with the environment to estimate growth, mortality, and recruitment to improve the precision and accuracy of forecasting stock dynamics.
Impacts of bottom trawls on the seafloor and the description of bottom type are also being studied in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands.

  • Alaska Bathymetry, Sediments, and Smooth Sheets Go there >>
  • Validating and improving species distribution models for structure forming invertebrates using an independent survey in the eastern Bering Sea. Go there >>
  • Is the survey selectivity curve for Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) dome-shaped? Direct evidence from trawl studies. Go there >>

  • Recent Poster Presentations, Publications, Reports & Activities

    • ZIMMERMANN, M., M. M. PRESCOTT, and P. J. HAEUSSLER. 2019. Bathymetry and geomorphology of Shelikof Strait and the Western Gulf of Alaska. Geosciences. 9:409.   Online.
    • McGOWAN, D. W., J. K. HORNE, J. T. THORSON and M. ZIMMERMANN. 2019. Influence of environmental factors on capelin distributions in the Gulf of Alaska. Deep Sea Res. II. 165: 238-254.   Online.
    • PIRTLE, J. L., S. K. SHOTWELL, M. ZIMMERMANN, J. A. REID and N. GOLDEN. 2019. Habitat suitability models for groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska. Deep Sea Res. II. 165:303-321.   Online.
    • ZIMMERMANN, M. 2019. Comparison of the physical attributes of the central and eastern Gulf of Alaska integrated ecosystem research program inshore study sites. Deep Sea Res. II 165:280-291.   Online.
    • Using Triggered Cameras to Determine Fish Behavior in Rocky, Untrawlable Areas
      Conference:  Western Groundfish Conference (19th), Newport, OR, Feb 2016
      (2016 poster, .pdf, 468 KB)   Online.

    • Introducing the Working Group on Maturity Assessment and Reproductive Variability of Life Stages
      Conference:  Western Groundfish Conference (19th), Newport, OR, Feb 2016
      (2016 poster, .pdf, 1.85 MB)   Online.


    See the poster and publications databases for additional listings.

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