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Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus)

Steller sea lions range along the North Pacific Rim from northern Japan to California. Pupping and breeding occur late May to early July throughout their range. Males set up territories on rookeries in late May, females arrive shortly thereafter and give birth to a single pup. They alternate between nursing their pup and feeding trips; most pups are weaned by the end of their first year. The species is not known to migrate, but individuals disperse widely outside of the breeding season, particularly adult males and juveniles. Adult males are up to 3.25 m long and weigh up to 1120 kg; females are considerably smaller at up to 2.9 m and 350 kg. Pups weigh about 23 kg at birth. Two separate stocks of Steller sea lions are recognized within U. S. waters: an eastern and western stock. As a result of a precipitous decline in numbers beginning in the 1970s, the western stock is presently listed as Endangered under the ESA.

MML Research Recent MML Steller Sea Lion Publications
  • KEOGH, M. J., B. TARAS, K. B. BECKMEN, K. A. BUREK-HUNTINGTON, G. M. YLITALO, B. S. FADELY, L. D. REA, and K. W. PITCHER. 2020. Organochlorine contaminant concentrations in blubber of young Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) are influenced by region, age, sex, and lipid stores. Sci. Tot. Environ. 698:134183.   Online.
  • FRITZ, L., B. BROST, E. LAMAN, K. LUXA, K. SWEENEY, J. THOMASON, D. TOLLIT, W. WALKER, and T. ZEPPELIN. 2019. A re-examination of the relationship between Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) diet and population trend using data from the Aleutian Islands. Can. J. Zool. 97(12):1137-1155.  Online.
  • KEOGH, M. J., B. D. TARAS, C. EISCHENS, J. M. KENNISH, B. S. FADELY, and L. D. REA. 2019. Variation in milk, serum, and blubber fatty acids in young, free-ranging Steller sea lions. Mar. Mam. Sci. 35:909-933.   Online.
  • SINCLAIR, E. H., W. A. WALKER, and P. J. GEARIN. 2019. The diet of free-ranging male Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) in the eastern Bering Sea: a retrospective analysis based on stomach remains of an endangered pinniped. Can. J. Zool. 97:195-202.   Online.
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Recent MML Steller Sea Lion Posters
  • Severe Decline in Abundance on Steller Sea Lion Rookery at Medny Island (Commander Islands), Russia
    1.16 MB  Online.
  • Postpartum Period in the Steller Sea Lions of the Commander Islands: the Connection With Decline in Natality
    2.4 MB  Online.
  • Local Abundance and Movement of Atka Mackerel and Other Steller Sea Lion Prey in the Aleutian Islands
    866 KB  Online.
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