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Little Port Walter Marine Station

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Aerial view of LPW Marine Station, Baranof Island
Aerial view of LPW Marine Station, Baranof Island

The oldest continuously operated fisheries research field station in Alaska is situated on the east side of Baranov Island about 44 miles southeast of Sitka. The experimental Chinook salmon hatchery, the anadromous fish counting weir on Sashin Creek, and its close proximity to the ocean environments of the Gulf of Alaska are the principal assets of the station. Operated and maintained by the Auke Bay Laboratories Salmon Ocean Ecology study group, scientists from many different institutions visit the station to conduct research on aquaculture, genetics, and ocean ecology of Chinook salmon. Chinook salmon originating in Little Port Walter contribute to the understanding of the ecosystems in Southeast Alaska and other parts of North Pacific Ocean where they reside during their life cycle

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