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Alaska Fisheries Science Center Quarterly Report Index for Issues 1997-2012

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Information about the Center's research activities and results with in-depth feature articles are provided in the Quarterly Report.  This multi-page index links to research articles and division report lisitings, grouped by year.  Quarterly issues are indicated for each listing.  A listing may appear under multiple categories.

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Habitat - see also Environmental monitoring,    Habitat & Ecological Processes Research (HEPR),
                            Oil spill / Hydrocarbons,    Survey,     Trawl, (gear, fishing, vessel) effects / Industry impacts


Habitat & Ecological Processes Research (HEPR) - see also Ecology and ecosystems research,      Habitat


Hair crab - Crab, hair


Hake - see Pacific whiting




Harbor porpoise - see Porpoise, harbor


Harbor seal - see Seal, harbor


Herring - see Pacific herring


Humpback whale - see Whale, humpback


Hydrocarbons - see Oil spill / Hydrocarbons




Ice-associated seal - see Seal, ice


Ichthyoplankton - see Plankton


Identification of species


International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)


International research - see Cooperative and international research




Killer whale - see Whale, killer


King crab - see Crab, king




Lice - see Sea lice


Little Port Walter


Log book (fisheries)


Longline Survey - see Sablefish / Longline survey


Loss of Sea Ice - see Sea ice / Loss of Sea Ice


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Mackerel - see Atka mackerel




Marine mammal - see also Survey


Midwater assessment / Conservation engineering - see also Survey


Minke whale - see Whale, minke


Molecular ecology




National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML) Division reports


North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) - see also Ecology and ecosystems research


Northern fur seal - see Seal, northern fur


Northern rockfish - see Rockfish, northern


Observer - see Groundfish observer,    FMA Division reports


Ocean acidification - see also Environmental monitoring


Ocean Surface Current Simulator (OSCURS) - see also Environmental monitoring




Oil spill / Hydrocarbons - see also Pollution / Pollutants / Contaminants / Debris,    Survey


Otolith - see also Ageing


Outreach / Education / Events - see also Staff / Awards / Interns

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