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Juneau Hosts the 11th Annual Salmon Ocean Ecology Meeting in April

On 7-8 April 2009, Juneau will host the 11th Annual Salmon Ocean Ecology Meeting. This is the first year this meeting has been held in Alaska. The purpose of the meeting is to foster communication and collaboration among researchers working on the ecology of Pacific salmon off the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska.

The 2-day meeting will consist of several sessions filled with 15-20 minute presentations, invited guests to speak on topics of mutual interest, a continuous poster session, and a forecasting session. Past attendees of this meeting have included researchers from federal, state, private, and private nonprofit organizations, as well as university students. For more details on this meeting please visit:

By Joe Orsi

2008 PICES Workshop on Climate Scenarios for Ecosystem Modeling (II)

Anne Hollowed (U.S.A), Michael Foreman (Canada), Suam Kim (Republic of Korea), and Gordon McFarlane (Canada) convened a workshop on Climate Scenarios for Ecosystem Modeling (II) at the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) annual meeting in Dalian, China.

The impetus for the meeting was the recognition that forecasts of the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems will rely heavily on the global climate model projections described in the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Research is needed to identify techniques for selecting climate scenarios and tools for incorporating climate scenarios into forecasts of future ecosystem status. Toward that end, the Climate Forcing and Marine Ecosystems Task Team of the Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Program, the Working Group on Evaluations of Climate Change Projections (WG 20) and a new International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)/PICES Working Group on Forecasting Climate Change Impacts on Fish and Shellfish, discussed current and future research efforts.

Speakers presented progress updates on attempts to select climate scenarios and forecasting tools and for use in evaluations of the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. A more detailed summary of the workshop will appear in the next issue of PICES Press: Vol.17 No.1,

By Anne Hollowed


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