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Economics & Social Sciences Research Program

BSAI Crab Economic Data Quality Review

As directed by NPFMC motions from February 2003 and December 2006, a rigorous set of procedures for assessing and documenting data quality of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) Crab Economic Data Report (EDR) database have been developed and implemented by the Economics & Social Sciences Research (ESSR) Program staff and contractors.

Results of third party validation audits and extensive submitter feedback and data quality reviews have been documented in the form of a detailed metadata document, along with numerous database details intended to ensure long-term integrity of the database and access by data users.

Following presentation of the draft metadata document to the Council in February 2008 by ESSR Program staff, the Council issued a motion directing the Pacific Northwest Crab Industry Advisory Committee (PNCIAC) to participate in a formal review of EDR data quality and the metadata document. Preliminary results of the PNCIAC review were presented by ESSR staff at the October Council meeting in conjunction with the 3-year review of the crab rationalization program.

The Council's Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) recommended completion of the data quality review and incorporation of EDR data into analysis of the impacts of rationalization.

ESSR staff worked intensively with PNCIAC and Council staff during the October-December period and presented the completed analysis at the December Council meeting. The principal outcome of the data quality review was a system for classifying EDR data elements according to data quality and suitability for use in analysis and decision support.

Data elements were ranked as: A) high quality and suitable for analysis, B) data quality-limited but suitable for analysis with appropriate adjustments and interpretation; or C) not reliable for analysis. Approximately one-third of the EDR data elements fell into each category.

The data quality analysis efforts will be used beginning 2nd Quarter, FY 2009 as the foundation for substantial revision of the crab EDR program and to improve other economic data collection initiatives.

By Brian Garber-Yonts


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