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Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering

Field Videos

Please Note: The video clips provided on this page are optimally formatted for viewing in a RealONE media player. If you do not already have the player, use the button that follows this text to download the player for free. When installing the player, be sure to choose the appropriate connection speeds you have to the Internet. This will optimize the video stream to your computer. click to download Real Player




NOAA Research Vessels

Video clips:   1


The RACE Division is primarily supported by two NOAA vessels, the R/V Miller Freeman (clip 1), and the R/V Ronald H. Brown. A third ship, the R/V Oscar Dyson, is currently under construction, and the layout of it's onboard research facilities is designed specifically for the many types of operations conducted by RACE scientists in the north Pacific and Bering Sea. More video footage of these ships will be posted as it becomes available.



Chartered Vessels

Video clips:   1 |  2 |  3


Because of the many research projects and activities occuring each year, and because of the limited availability of NOAA research ships in the Alaska region, the RACE Division often charters non-NOAA research vessels, such as the R/V Thomas G. Thompson, the R/V Wecoma, and the R/V Alpha Helix, as well as many commercial fishing vessels, to help supplement field operations. Some of these vessels used in successive years, while others are used only rarely, depending on vessel availability and contract negotiation. Scientists of the RACE Division have established strong working relationships with the Skippers and crews of many of the commonly chartered vessels. Current video clips show only a couple of the fishing vessels commonly chartered; the F/V Morningstar is shown in clip 1, and the F/V Vesteraallen and F/V Dominator are shown in clip 2. Many other fishing vessels are employed, including the F/V Aldebaran, F/V Arcturus, F/V Ocean Harvester, and F/V Northwest Explorer, just to name a few. Video footage of these other vessels will be added as it becomes available.



Foreign Vessels

Video clips:  Footage forthcoming.


On occassion, RACE scientists will participate in field operations aboard foreign vessels. In recent years, cooperative research has been conducted each season aboard the T/S Oshoro Maru, a cadet training ship from Hokkaido University, Japan.



Weather and Seas

Video clips:   1 |  2 |  3


The weather in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska can be challenging, particularly in the winter months. Sea conditions often change within a very short period of time. Rough weather can mean seasickness for many. The awesome experience of being in rough weather at sea is difficult to catch on video. The experience is never fully captured in the recording. However, here's a few clips that give some good indication of the kinds of weather AFSC scientists come up against in Alaska.

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