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The mission of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center is to generate the scientific information and analysis necessary for the conservation, management, and utilization of the region's living marine resources.

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AFSC News & Information
For more information about NOAA Fisheries science in Alaska please contact: Marjorie Mooney-Seus or for regulatory news Julie Speegle
Dispatches from the Field
Latest research blogs provide insights on what NOAA Fisheries scientists are doing. More>
""  Field Blog: Steller Sea Lions
Steller sea lions
NOAA scientist Katie Sweeney reports from Aleutian Islands, Alaska. More>
""  Field Blog: Beluga Whales
Beluga Whale Survey Group Photo
NOAA scientists Kim Shelden, Julie Mocklin, Linda Vate Brattstrom, and Christy Sims report from Cook Inlet, Alaska. More>
Scientific Experts Meeting
The Fourth Meeting of Scientific Experts of Fish Stocks in the Central Arctic Ocean will be held Sept. 26-28, 2016 in Tromsø, Norway. More>
Research Reports
Research program reports and activities for October through December 2015. More>
AFSC Historical Corner
image of historical boat
The history of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center dates back to 1867. Check out the historical timelines, photographs, research vessels, facilities, testimonies, and more>
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General Info
Information about the AFSC mission, administration, directory, activities, facilities, directory, jobs, news, links
Information on species of fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, and seabirds.
Citations database, tech memos, stock assessments, journal articles, research reports.
Data & Tools
Survey, catch, age and growth,
life history, telemetry, interactive maps, spatial data, software.
Quick Links

Investigating Steller Sea Lion Declines on Remote Aleutian Islands

  • A team of scientists from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center begins surveying for endangered Steller sea lions in the western Aleutians Islands, where the population continues to decline.   More>

Teaching a Robot to Follow its Senses

  • New technology expands possibilities for studying marine animals in a challenging environment.  More>

Mischievous Snailfish and Other Mysteries of the Deep

  • Right now, scientists from the AFSC are at sea collecting information crucial to keeping Alaska fisheries sustainable. The data they collect during yearly stock assessment surveys is used to set quotas for the familiar species that support some of world's largest fisheries. But sometimes they find something no one has seen before.  More>

Tagging Along on an Ocean Migration: Salmon are Tracked on First Swim to Sea

  • Understanding the migration patterns of salmon now is also important to establish baseline information, so that we can monitor the effects of a changing ocean environment on salmon and the people who depend on them.   More>

Run Timing Forecast for Chinook Salmon on the Yukon River

  • The forecast calls for the first significant pulse of Chinook salmon to cross the Yukon River Delta around June 9 this year, and the half way point of the run is expected to occur around June 19.   More>

NOAA and Partners Chart New Territory for Ocean Science

  • NOAA Research and NOAA Fisheries have teamed up with academic and private sector partners to test innovative technologies that, if successful, will enable researchers to gather information in areas of the ocean that are costly and difficult to study.   More>

Field Reports: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Survey Planned to Begin in June

  • NOAA Fisheries Scientists are gearing up to start aerial monitoring of these remote and isolated whales.  More>

Four NOAA Fisheries Surveys Planned for Summer to Collect Data Crucial to Sustainable Alaska Fisheries

  • Scientists from NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center will embark from Dutch Harbor May 28 on another busy survey season, off Alaska's coast, collecting data needed for fisheries managers to determine sustainable fishery harvest levels.  More>

Where do Alaska Fish Go?

  • The Alaska Fisheries Science Center, the McDowell Group and the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission have produced a new publication examining how federally managed groundfish and crab stocks caught in Alaskan waters end up on dinner plates around the world.  More>

2016: First Outlook for Yukon Chinook Salmon Run Timing on Lower Yukon River

  • Forcasters predict that the earliest scenario would see increasing numbers of Chinook salmon entering the lower river during the last week in May, with the first significant jump in abundance around the end of the first week in June.  More>

A Low-tech Mini-camera (MiniCam) May be an Efficient Way to Identify Fishes During Research Surveys

  • NOAA Fisheries scientists conduct acoustic-trawl surveys to estimate the distribution and abundance of commercially important species like pollock in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. Resource managers use this information to set annual catch limits for the fishing industry.  More>


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