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Kodiak Aquarium and Touch Tank: Collected Seastars of Chiniak Bay

[Asterias amurensis, thstaraster.jpg=10KB] [Evasterias trocelli, thstareva.jpg=10KB] [Henricia leviuscula and Orthasterias koehleri, thstarhenri.jpg=10KB]

Flatbottom Sea Star
Asterias amurensis

Mottled Sea Star
Evasterias troschelii

Redbanded Sea Star
Orthasterias koehleri

[Crossaster papposus, thstarcross.jpg=10KB] [Dermasterias imbricata, thstarderma.jpg=10KB] [Solaster stimpsoni, thstarsola.jpg=10KB]

Rose Sea Star
Crossaster papposus

Leather Sea Star
Dermasterias imbricata

Sun Sea Star
Solaster stimpsoni

Digital Photographs by Jan Haaga.

For a look at the many fish and invertebrate species existing in the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, and Pacific west coast, visit the Alaska Fisheries Science Center's popular Species Photo Gallery.


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