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AFSC Data and Tools: Overview

Data and tools on fishery, oceanography, marine mammal, and environmental research compiled and designed by AFSC scientists are used to develop policies and strategies for fisheries management within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, to monitor and manage the health of the region's marine mammal populations, and to assess the impacts of chemical contaminants and physical alterations on select organisms and marine habitats. The data, some dating back nearly 100 years, are obtained from boat surveys, aerial surveys, land counts, stream and beach surveys, and other miscellaneous sources. Data sets or metadata describing the data sets are available on the AFSC website or from database managers at the Center.

Although we try to keep the information presented on the Alaska Fisheries Science Center website accurate and up to date, the accuracy of some information is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed. Data provided on our website are derived from large data bases many of which are being updated and modified. We request that users contact the web page content creator or the AFSC webmaster before using any data from our website. Quality Information Guidelines are available on the NOAA website. 



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