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New Publications by AFSC Authors

50 citations most recently added to the Pubs Database:

  • CALL, I. L., and D. K. LEW. 2015. Tradable permit programs: What are the lessons for the new Alaska halibut catch sharing plan? Mar. Policy 52:125-137.  (added 2-24-15).
  • OVERDICK, A., M. BUSBY, and D. BLOOD. 2014. Descriptions of eggs of snailfishes (family Liparidae) from the Bering Sea and eastern North Pacific Ocean. Ichthyol. Res. 61:131-141.  (added 2-19-15).
  • De FOREST, L., J. T. DUFFY-ANDERSON, R. A. HEINTZ, A. C. MATARESE, E. C. SIDDON, T. I. SMART, and I. B. SPIES. 2014. Taxonomy of the early life stages of arrowtooth flounder (Atheresthes stomias) and Kamchatka flounder (A. evermanni) in the eastern Bering Sea, with notes on distribution and condition. Deep-Sea Res. II 109:181-189.  (added 2-19-15).
  • WHITTLE, J. A., S. C. VULSTEK, C. M. KONDZELA, and J. R. GUYON. 2015. Genetic stock composition analysis of chum salmon bycatch from the 2013 Bering Sea walleye pollock trawl fishery. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-292, 50 p. (.pdf, 1.6 MB).  Online.  (added 2-12-15).
  • FRITZ, L. W., R. TOWELL, T. S. GELATT, D. S. JOHNSON, and T. R. LOUGHLIN. 2014. Recent increases in survival of western Steller sea lions in Alaska and implications for recovery. Endang. Species Res. 26:13-24. (.pdf, 1.11 MB).  Online.  (added 2-9-15).
  • GUYON, J. R., C. M. GUTHRIE III, A. R. MUNRO, J. JASPER, and W. D. TEMPLIN. 2015. Genetic stock composition analysis of the Chinook salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) trawl fisheries. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-291, 26 p. (.pdf, 822 KB).  Online.  (added 2-9-15).
  • CLAPHAM, P. J., Y. V. IVASHCHENKO. 2014. Resurrecting Leviathan: Reconstructing Sperm Whale Catches in the North Pacific. AFSC Quarterly Report Feature (October-November-December 2014) 5 p. (.pdf, 2.3 MB).  Online.  (added 2-4-15).
  • WITTEVEEN, B. H., A. De ROBERTIS, L. GUO, and K. M. WYNNE. 2015. Using dive behavior and active acoustics to assess prey use and partitioning by fin and humpback whales near Kodiak Island, Alaska. Mar. Mammal Sci. 31:255-278.  (added 2-3-15).
  • RIEUCAU, G., A. De ROBERTIS, K. M. BOSWELL, and N. O. HANDEGARD. 2014. School density affects the strength of collective avoidance responses in wild-caught Atlantic herring Clupea harengus: a simulated predator encounter experiment. J. Fish Biol. 85:1650-1664  (added 2-3-15).
  • PUNT, A. E., T. A'MAR, N. A. BOND, D. S. BUTTERWORTH, C. L. De MOOR, J. A. A. De OLIVEIRA, M. A. HALTUCH, A. B. HOLLOWED, and C. SZUWALSKI. 2014. Fisheries management under climate and environmental uncertainty: Control rules and performance simulation. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 71:2208-2220.  (added 2-3-15).
  • ONO, K., R. LICANDEO, M. L. MURADIAN, C. J. CUNNINGHAM, S. C. ANDERSON, F. HURTADO-FERRO, K. F. JOHNSON, C. R. McGILLIARD, C. C. MONNAHAN, C. S. SZUWALSKI, J. L. VALERO, K. A. VERT-PRE, A. R. WHITTEN, and A. E. PUNT. 2015. The importance of length and age composition data in statistical age-structured models for marine species. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 72:31-43.  (added 2-3-15).
  • McBRIDE, M. M., P. DALPADADO, K. F. DRINKWATER, O. R. GODě, A. J. HOBDAY, A. B. HOLLOWED, T. KRISTIANSEN, E. J. MURPHY, P. H. RESSLER, S. SUBBEY, E. E. HOFMANN, and H. LOENG. 2014. Krill, climate, and contrasting future scenarios for Arctic and Antarctic fisheries. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 71:1934-1955.  (added 2-3-15).
  • JANSEN, J. K., P. L. BOVENG, J. M. Ver HOEF, S. P. DAHLE, and J. L. BENGTSON. 2015. Natural and human effects on harbor seal abundance and spatial distribution in an Alaskan glacial fjord. Mar. Mammal Sci. 31:66-89. (.pdf, 800 KB).  Online.  (added 2-3-15).
  • DEROBA, J. J., D. S. BUTTERWORTH, R. D. METHOT, J. A. A. De OLIVEIRA, C. FERNANDEZ, A. NIELSEN, S. X. CADRIN, M. DICKEY-COLLAS, C. M. LEGAULT, J. IANELLI, J. L. VALERO, C. L. NEEDLE, J. M. O'MALLEY, Y.-J. CHANG, G. G. THOMPSON, C. CANALES, D. P. SWAIN, D. C. M. MILLER, N. T. HINTZEN, M. BERTIGNAC, L. IBAIBARRIAGA, A. SILVA, A. MURTA, L. T. KELL, C. L. De MOOR, A. M. PARMA, C. M. DICHMONT, V. R. RESTREPO, Y. YE, E. JARDIM, P. D. SPENCER, D. H. HANSELMAN, J. BLAYLOCK, M. MOOD, and P.-J. F. HULSON. 2015. Simulation testing the robustness of stock assessment models to error: Some results from the ICES strategic initiative on stock assessment methods. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 72:19-30.  (added 2-3-15).
  • McCLINTOCK, B., D. JOHNSON, M. HOOTEN, J. Ver HOEF, and J. MORALES. 2014. When to be discrete: the importance of time formulation in understanding animal movement. Movement Ecol. 2(21):1-14. (.pdf, 1.18 MB).  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • McCLINTOCK, B. T., J. M. HILL, L. FRITZ, K. CHUMBLEY, K. LUXA, and D. R. DIEFENBACH. 2014. Mark-resight abundance estimation under incomplete identification of marked individuals. Methods Ecol. Evol. 5:1294-1304.  (added 2-2-15).
  • BOGRAD, S. J., E. L. HAZEN, E. A. HOWELL, and A. B. HOLLOWED. 2014. The fate of fisheries oceanography: Introduction to the special issue. Oceanography 27(4):21-25.  (added 2-2-15).
  • YOCHUM, N., C. S. ROSE, and C. F. HAMMOND. 2015. Evaluating the flexibility of a reflex action mortality predictor to determine bycatch mortality rates: a case study of tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi) bycaught in Alaska bottom trawls. Fish. Res. 161:226-234.  (added 2-2-15).
  • SIGLER, M. F., P. J. STABENO, L. B. EISNER, J. M. NAPP, and F. J. MUETER. 2014. Spring and fall phytoplankton blooms in a productive subarctic ecosystem, the eastern Bering Sea, during 1995-2011. Deep-Sea Res. II 109:71-83.  (added 2-2-15).
  • JOHNSON, K. F., C. C. MONNAHAN, C. R. MCGILLIARD, K. A. VERT-PRE, S. C. ANDERSON, C. J. CUNNINGHAM, F. HURTADO-FERRO, R. R. LICANDEO, M. L. MURADIAN, K. ONO, C. S. SZUWALSKI, J. L. VALERO, A. R. WHITTEN, and A. E. PUNT. 2015. Time-varying natural mortality in fisheries stock assessment models: Identifying a default approach. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 72:137-150.  (added 2-2-15).
  • BAKER, M. R., and A. B. HOLLOWED. 2014. Delineating ecological regions in marine systems: Integrating physical structure and community composition to inform spatial management in the eastern Bering Sea. Deep-Sea Res. II 109:215-240.  (added 2-2-15).
  • VESTFALS, C. D., L. CIANNELLI, J. T. DUFFY-ANDERSON, and C. LADD. 2014. Effects of seasonal and interannual variability in along-shelf and cross-shelf transport on groundfish recruitment in the eastern Bering Sea. Deep-Sea Res. II 109:190-203.  (added 2-2-15).
  • SHEFFIELD GUY, L., J. DUFFY-ANDERSON, A. C. MATARESE, C. W. MORDY, J. M. NAPP, and P. J. STABENO. 2014. Understanding climate control of fisheries recruitment in the eastern Bering Sea: Long-term measurements and process studies. Oceanography 27(4):90-103.  (added 2-2-15).
  • McCLINTOCK, B. T., L. L. BAILEY, B. P. DREHER, and W. A. LINK. 2014. Probit models for capture-recapture data subject to imperfect detection, individual heterogeneity and misidentification. Ann. Appl. Stat. 8:2461-2484.  (added 2-2-15).
  • McCLATCHIE, S., J. DUFFY-ANDERSON, J. C. FIELD, R. GOERICKE, D. GRIFFITH, D. S. HANISKO, J. A. HARE, J. LYCZKOWSKI-SHULTZ, W. T. PETERSON, W. WATSON, E. D. WEBER, and G. ZAPFE. 2014. Long time series in U.S. fisheries oceanography. Oceanography 27(4):48-67.  (added 2-2-15).
  • DUFFY-ANDERSON, J. T., K. M. BAILEY, H. N. CABRAL, J. NAKATA, and H. W. van der VEER. 2015. The planktonic stages of flatfishes: Physical and biological interactions in transport processes, p. 132-171. In R. N. Gibson, R. D. M. Nash, A. J. Geffen, and H. W. van der Veer (editors), Flatfishes: Biology and Exploitation. Second Edition. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, West Sussex, U.K.  (added 2-2-15).
  • CONN, P. B., J. M. Ver HOEF, B. T. McCLINTOCK, E. E. MORELAND, J. M. LONDON, M. F. CAMERON, S. P. DAHLE, and P. L. BOVENG. 2014. Estimating multispecies abundance using automated detection systems: Ice-associated seals in the Bering Sea. Methods Ecol. Evol. 5:1280-1293.  (added 2-2-15).
  • HURST, T. P., D. W. COOPER, J. T. DUFFY-ANDERSON, and E. V. FARLEY. 2015. Contrasting coastal and shelf nursery habitats of Pacific cod in the southeastern Bering Sea. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 72:515-527.  (added 2-2-15).
  • PAQUIN, M. M., A. N. KAGLEY, K. L. FRESH, and J. W. ORR. 2014. First records of the night smelt, Spirinchus starksi, in the Salish Sea, Washington. Northwest. Nat. 95:40-43.  (added 2-2-15).
  • PAQUIN, M. M., T. W. BUCKLEY, R. E. HIBPSHMAN, and M. F. CANINO. 2014. DNA-based identification methods of prey fish from stomach contents of 12 species of eastern North Pacific groundfish. Deep-Sea Res. I 85:110-117.  (added 2-2-15).
  • FAUNCE, C. H. 2015. Evolution of observer methods to obtain genetic material from Chinook salmon bycatch in the Alaska pollock fishery. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-288, 28 p. (.pdf, 364 KB).  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • GUYON, J. R., HV. T. NGUYEN, C.M. GUTHRIE III, J. BONNEY, K. MCGAULEY, K. HANSEN, and J. GAUVIN. 2015. Genetic stock composition analysis of Chinook salmon bycatch samples from the rockfish and arrowtooth flounder 2013 Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries and the Gulf of Alaska salmon excluder device test. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-289, 19 p. (.pdf, 816 KB).  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • GUTHRIE, C. M. III, HV. T. NGUYEN, and J. R. GUYON. 2015. Genetic stock composition analysis of the Chinook salmon bycatch from the 2013 Bering Sea walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) trawl fishery. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-290, 21 p. (.pdf, 536 KB).  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • THOMPSON, L. A., T. R. SPOON, C. E. C. GOERTZ, R. C. HOBBS, and T. A. ROMANO. 2014. Blow collection as a non-invasive method for measuring cortisol in the beluga (Delphinapterus leucas). PLoS One 9(12):e114062.  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • MUSSER, W. B., A. E. BOWLES, D. M. GREBNER, and J. L. CRANCE. 2014. Differences in acoustic features of vocalizations produced by killer whales cross-socialized with bottlenose dolphins. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 136:1990-2002.  (added 2-2-15).
  • MOURA, A. E., J. G. KENNY, R. R. CHAUDHURI, M. A. HUGHES, R. R. REISINGER, P. J. N. DE BRUYN, M. E. DAHLHEIM, N. HALL, and A. R. HOELZEL. 2015. Phylogenomics of the killer whale indicates ecotype divergence in sympatry. Heredity 114:48-55.  (added 2-2-15).
  • MOURA, A. E., J. G. KENNY, R. CHAUDHURI, M. A. HUGHES, A. J. WELCH, R. R. REISINGER, P. J. N. DE BRUYN, M. E. DAHLHEIM, N. HALL, and A. R. HOELZEL. 2014. Population genomics of the killer whale indicates ecotype evolution in sympatry involving both selection and drift. Mol. Ecol. 23:5179-5192. (.pdf, 1.19 MB).  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • LANG, A. R., J. CALAMBOKIDIS, J. SCORDINO, V. L. PEASE, A. KLIMEK, V. N. BURKANOV, P. GEARIN, D. I. LITOVKA, K. M. ROBERTSON, B. R. MATE, J. K. JACOBSEN, and B. L. TAYLOR. 2014. Assessment of genetic structure among eastern North Pacific gray whales on their feeding grounds. Mar. Mammal Sci. 30:1473-1493.  (added 2-2-15).
  • KUHN, C. E., R. R. REAM, J. T. STERLING, J. R. THOMASON, and R. G. TOWELL. 2014. Spatial segregation and the influence of habitat on the foraging behavior of northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus). Can. J. Zool. 92:861-873.   (added 2-2-15).
  • KUHN, C. E., and D. P. COSTA. 2014. Interannual variation in the at-sea behavior of California sea lions (Zalophus californianus). Mar. Mammal Sci. 30:1297-1319.  (added 2-2-15).
  • JOHNSON, D. S., and L. FRITZ. 2014. agTrend: a Bayesian approach for estimating trends of aggregated abundance. Methods Ecol. Evol. 5:1110-1115.   (added 2-2-15).
  • DUNCAN, C., B. DICKERSON, K. PABILONIA, A. MILLER, and T. GELATT. 2014. Prevalence of Coxiella burnetii and Brucella spp. in tissues from subsistence harvested northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus) of St. Paul Island, Alaska. Acta Vet. Scand. 56:67. (.pdf, 419 KB).  Online.  (added 2-2-15).
  • De CASTRO, F. R., N. MAMEDE, D. DANILEWICZ, Y. GEYER, J. L. A. PIZZORNO, A. N. ZERBINI, and A. ANDRIOLO. 2014. Are marine protected areas and priority areas for conservation representative of humpback whale breeding habitats in the western South Atlantic? Biol. Conserv. 179:106-114.  (added 2-2-15).
  • CLAPHAM, P. J. 2015. Japan's whaling following the International Court of Justice ruling: Brave new world - or business as usual? Mar. Policy 51:238-241.  (added 2-2-15).
  • SIGLER, M. F., T. P. HURST, M. T. DALTON, R. J. FOY, J. T. MATHIS, and R. P. STONE. 2015. NOAA's Alaska Ocean Acidification Research Plan for FY15-FY17. AFSC Processed Rep. 2015-02, 59 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98115. (.pdf, 1.2 MB).  Online.  (added 1-20-15).
  • SIGLER, M. F., K. Y. AYDIN, P. L. BOVENG, E. V. FARLEY Jr., R. A. HEINTZ, and R. R. LAUTH. 2015. Alaska Fisheries Science Center Loss of Sea Ice (LOSI) Plan for FY15-FY19. AFSC Processed Rep. 2015-01, 11 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98115. (.pdf, 730 KB).   Online.  (added 1-20-15).
  • ZIMMERMANN, M., and M. M. PRESCOTT. 2014. Smooth sheet bathymetry of the central Gulf of Alaska. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-287, 54 p. (.pdf, 5.9 MB).   Online.  (added 1-15-15).
  • CAHALAN, J., J. GASPER, and J. MONDRAGON. 2014. Catch sampling and estimation in the federal groundfish fisheries off Alaska, 2015 edition. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-286, 46 p. (.pdf, 664 KB)  Online.  (added 1-12-15).
  • GUYON, J. R., C. M. GUTHRIE III, A. R. MUNRO, J. JASPER, and W. D. TEMPLIN. 2014. Extension of genetic stock composition analysis to the Chinook salmon bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) trawl fisheries, 2012. U. S. Dep. Commer., NOAA-TM-AFSC-285, 26 p. (.pdf, 725 KB)  Online.  (added 1-6-15).
  • SHOTWELL, S. K., D. H. HANSELMAN, and I. M. BELKIN. 2014. Toward biophysical synergy: Investigating advection along the Polar Front to identify factors influencing Alaska sablefish recruitment. Deep-Sea Res. II 107:40-53.  (added 12-29-14).
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