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New Publications by AFSC Authors

50 citations most recently added to the Pubs Database:

  • LAUTH, R. R., and S. KOTWICKI. 2014. A calibration function for correcting mean net spread values obtained from Marport spread sensors used in conjunction with the Marport MK II receiver. AFSC Processed Rep. 2014-02, 26 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98115. (.pdf, 939 KB).  Online.  (added 4-17-14).
  • MASLENIKOV, K. P., J. W. ORR, and D. E. STEVENSON. 2013. Range extensions and significant distributional records for eighty-two species of fishes in Alaskan marine waters. Northwest. Nat. 94:1-21.  (added 4-14-14).
  • KAI, Y., N. MUTO, T. NODA, J. W. ORR, and T. NAKABO. 2013. First record of the rockfish Sebastes melanops from the western North Pacific, with comments on its synonymy (Osteichthyes: Scorpaenoidei: Sebastidae). Species Divers. 18:175-182.  (added 4-14-14).
  • HILTON, E. J., and D. E. STEVENSON. 2013. Osteology of the prowfish, Zaprora silenus (Perciformes: Zoarcoidei: Zaproridae). J. Morphol. 274:1143-1163.   (added 4-14-14).
  • DRUMM, D. T., R. R. LAUTH, R. N. CLARK, and J. W. ORR. 2013. Northern range extensions and biological notes for three decapods in the eastern North Pacific. Crustaceana 86:1572-1585.   (added 4-14-14).
  • DRUMM, D. T., and R. N. BAMBER. 2013. A new species of Fageapseudes (Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea) from California, with comments on the systematics of the family Apseudidae. Zootaxa 3701:437-446.  (added 4-14-14).
  • ORR, J. W., D. T. DRUMM, E. A. LAMAN, D. E. STEVENSON, and G. R. HOFF. 2014. Species Identification confidence in the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands surveys (1980-2011), 258 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98115. (.pdf, 3.57 MB).  Online.  (added 4-14-14).
  • ALLEN, B. M., V. T. HELKER, and L. A. JEMISON. 2014. Human-caused injury and mortality of NMFS-managed Alaska marine mammal stocks, 2007-2011. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-274, 84 p. (.pdf, 1.3 MB).  Online.  (added 4-10-14).
  • SMITH, K. R., and C. E. ARMISTEAD. 2014. Benthic invertebrates of the eastern Bering Sea: a synopsis of the life history and ecology of the sea star Asterias amurensis. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-273, 60 p. (.pdf, 4.5 MB).  Online.  (added 4-10-14).
  • De ROBERTIS, A., D. McKELVEY, K. TAYLOR, and T. HONKALEHTO. 2014. Development of acoustic-trawl survey methods to estimate the abundance of age-0 walleye pollock in the eastern Bering Sea shelf during the Bering Arctic Subarctic Integrated Survey (BASIS), 46 p. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-272, 46 p. (.pdf, 2.39 MB).  Online.  (added 4-8-14).
  • GUTHRIE, C. M., III, H. T. NGUYEN, and J. R. GUYON. 2014. Genetic stock composition analysis of Chinook salmon bycatch samples from the 2012 Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-270, 33 p. (.pdf, 920 KB).  Online.  (added 3-13-14).
  • VULSTEK, S. C., C. M. KONDZELA, C. T. MARVIN, J. WHITTLE, and J. R. GUYON. 2014. Genetic stock composition analysis of chum salmon bycatch and excluder device samples from the 2012 Bering Sea walleye pollock trawl fishery. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-271, 35 p. (.pdf., 972 KB).  Online.  (added 3-13-14).
  • SCHOBERND, Z. H., N. M. BACHELER, and P. B. CONN. 2014. Examining the utility of alternative video monitoring metrics for indexing reef fish abundance. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 71:464-471.  (added 3-10-14).
  • HELSER, T. E., C. R. KASTELLE, and H-L. LAI. 2014. Modeling environmental factors affecting assimilation of bomb-produced Δ 14C in the North Pacific Ocean: Implications for age validation studies. Ecol. Model. 277:108-118.  (added 3-10-14).
  • DALY, B., and W. C. LONG. 2014. Intra-guild predation among early benthic phase red and blue king crabs: Evidence for a habitat-mediated competitive advantage. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 451:98-104.  (added 3-10-14).
  • DALY, B., and W. C. LONG. 2014. Inter-cohort cannibalism of early benthic phase blue king crabs (Paralithodes platypus): Alternate foraging strategies in different habitats lead to different functional responses. PLoS ONE 9(2):e88694. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088694  Online.  (added 3-10-14).
  • LANDER, M. E., B. S. FADELY, T. S. GELATT, L. D. REA, and T. R. LOUGHLIN. 2013. Serum chemistry reference ranges for Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) pups from Alaska: Stock differentiation and comparisons within a North Pacific sentinel species. EcoHealth 10:376-393.   (added 3-10-14).
  • SEUNG, C. K., and D. K. LEW. 2013. Accounting for variation in exogenous shocks in economic impact modeling. Ann. Reg. Sci. 51:711-730.  (added 2-27-14).
  • FOWLER, C. W., A. BELGRANO, and M. CASINI. 2013. Holistic fisheries management: Combining macroecology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Mar. Fish. Rev. 75:1-36. (.pdf, 11.2 MB)  Online.  (added 2-20-14).
  • BARBEAUX, S. J., J. K. HORNE, and J. N. IANELLI. 2014. A novel approach for estimating location and scale specific fishing exploitation rates of eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma). Fish. Res. 153:69-82.  (added 2-20-14).
  • MATEO, I., and D. H. HANSELMAN. 2014. A comparison of statistical methods to standardize catch-per-unit-effort of the Alaska longline sablefish. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-269, 71 p. (.pdf, 3 MB).  Online.  (added 2-18-14).
  • FOWLER, C. W., R. D. REDEKOPP, V. VISSAR, and J. OPPENHEIMER. 2014. Pattern-based control rules for fisheries management. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-268, 116 p. (.pdf, 1.6 MB).  Online.  (added 2-4-14).
  • ROOPER, CHRIS, MIKE SIGLER, GERALD HOFF, BOB STONE, and MARK ZIMMERMANN. 2013. Determining the Distributions of Deep-sea Corals and Sponges Throughout Alaska. AFSC Quarterly Report Feature (October-November-December 2013) 4 p. (.pdf, 1.85 MB).  Online.  (added 2-4-14).
  • Ver HOEF, J., E. PETERSON, D. CLIFFORD, and R. SHAH. 2014. SSN: an R package for spatial statistical modeling on stream networks. J. Stat. Software:56(3).  (added 2-4-14).
  • RIEUCAU, G., K. M. BOSWELL, A. De ROBERTIS, G. J. MACAULAY, and N.O. HANDEGARD. 2014. Experimental evidence of threat-sensitive collective avoidance responses in a large wild-caught herring school. PLoS ONE 9(1): e86726. (.pdf, 750 KB).  Online.  (added 2-4-14).
  • PETERSON, E., and J. Ver HOEF. 2014. STARS: an ArcGIS toolset used to calculate the spatial information needed to fit spatial statistical models to stream network data. J. Stat. Software:56(2).  (added 2-4-14).
  • De ROBERTIS, A., and K. TAYLOR. 2014. In situ target strength measurements of the scyphomedusa Chrysaora melanaster. Fish. Res. 153:18-23.  (added 2-4-14).
  • FOWLER, C. W., and S. M. LUIS. 2014. We are not asking management questions. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-267, 48 p. (.pdf, 1.26 MB).  Online.  (added 1-21-14).
  • PARSONS, K. M., J. W. DURBAN, A. M. BURDIN, V. N. BURKANOV, R. L. PITMAN, J. BARLOW, L. G. BARRETT-LENNARD, R. G. LEDUC, K.M. ROBERTSON, C. O. MATKIN, and P. R. WADE. 2013. Geographic patterns of genetic differentiation among killer whales in the northern North Pacific. J. Heredity 104:737-754.  (added 1-21-14).
  • MAXWELL, S. M., E. L. HAZEN, S. J. BOGRAD, B. S. HALPERN, G. A. BREED, B. NICKEL, N. M. TEUTSCHEL, L. B. CROWDER, S. BENSON, P. H. DUTTON, H. BAILEY, M. A. KAPPES, C. E. KUHN, M. J. WEISE, B. MATE, S. A. SHAFFER, J. L. HASSRICK, R. W. HENRY, L. IRVINE, B. I. McDONALD, P. W. ROBINSON, B. A. BLOCK, and D. P. COSTA. 2013. Cumulative human impacts on marine predators. Nat. Commun. 4:2688.  (added 1-21-14).
  • JOHNSON, D. S., M. B. HOOTEN, and C. E. KUHN. 2013. Estimating animal resource selection from telemetry data using point process models. J. Anim. Ecol. 82:1155-1164.  (added 1-21-14).
  • HOOTEN, M. B., E. M. HANKS, D. S. JOHNSON, and M. W. ALLDREDGE. 2013. Reconciling resource utilization and resource selection functions. J. Anim. Ecol. 82(6):1146-1154.  (added 1-21-14).
  • GARLAND, E. C., J. GEDAMKE, M. L. REKDAHL, M. J. NOAD, C. GARRIGUE, and N. GALES. 2013. Humpback whale song on the southern ocean feeding grounds: Implications for cultural transmission. PLoS One 8(11):e79422. (.pdf, 4.62 MB).  Online.  (added 1-21-14).
  • COOPER, D. W., J. T. DUFFY-ANDERSON, W. T. STOCKHAUSEN, and W. CHENG. 2013. Modeled connectivity between northern rock sole (Lepidopsetta polyxystra) spawning and nursery areas in the eastern Bering Sea. J. Sea Res. 84:2-12.  (added 1-15-14).
  • CHRISTMAN, C. L., J. J. CITTA, L. T. QUAKENBUSH, J. T. CLARKE, B. K. RONE, R. A. SHEA, M. C. FERGUSON, and M. P. HEIDE-JØRGENSEN. 2013. Presence and behavior of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea in July 2011. Polar Biol. 36:1851–1856.  (added 1-15-14).
  • LAUTH, R. R., and J. CONNER. 2014. Results of the 2011 Eastern Bering Sea continental shelf bottom trawl survey of groundfish and invertebrate fauna. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-266, 176 p. (.pdf, 8 MB).  Online.  (added 1-8-14).
  • TRIBUZIO, C. A., J. R. GASPER, and S. K. GAICHAS. 2014. Estimation of bycatch in the unobserved Pacific halibut fishery off Alaska. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-265, 506 p. (.pdf., 8 MB).  Online.  (added 1-6-14).
  • STONE, R. P., K. W. CONWAY, D. J. CSEPP, and J. V. BARRIE. 2013. The boundary reefs: Glass sponge (Porifera: Hexactinellida) reefs on the international border between Canada and the United States. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-264, 31 p. (.pdf, 10 MB).  Online.  (added 1-6-14).
  • Ver HOEF, J. M., M. F. CAMERON, P. L. BOVENG, J. M. LONDON, and E. E. MORELAND. 2014. A spatial hierarchical model for abundance of three ice-associated seal species in the eastern Bering Sea. Stat. Methodol. 17:46-66.  (added 1-6-14).
  • KAMIN, L. M., K. J. PALOF, J. HEIFETZ, and A. J. GHARRETT. 2014. Interannual and spatial variation in the population genetic composition of young-of-the-year Pacific ocean perch (Sebastes alutus) in the Gulf of Alaska. Fish. Oceanogr. 23:1-17.  (added 1-6-14).
  • WHITEHOUSE, G. A. 2013. A preliminary mass-balance food web model of the eastern Chukchi Sea. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-262, 164 p. (.pdf, 1.2 MB).  Online.  (added 12-24-13).
  • SHELDEN, K. E. W., D. J. RUGH, K. T. GOETZ, C. L. SIMS, L. Vate BRATTSTROM, J. A. MOCKLIN, B. A. MAHONEY, B. K. SMITH, and R. C. HOBBS. 2013. Aerial surveys of beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas, in Cook Inlet, Alaska, June 2005 to 2012. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-263, 122 p. (.pdf 4.67 MB).  Online.  (added 12-24-13).
  • HIMES-CORNELL, A., K. HOELTING, C. MAGUIRE, L. MUNGER-LITTLE, J. LEE, J. FISK, R. FELTHOVEN, C. GELLER, and P. LITTLE. 2013. Community profiles for North Pacific fisheries - Alaska. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-259 (Volumes 1-12). (pdf., 51 MB Note large file size).  Online.  (added 12-24-13).
  • FERGUSON, M. C., and J. T. CLARKE. 2013. Estimates of detection probability for BWASP bowhead whale, gray whale, and beluga sightings collected from Twin Otter and Aero Commander aircraft,1989 to 2007 and 2008 to 2011. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-261, 52 p. (.pdf, 906 KB).  Online.  (added 12-24-13).
  • BREIWICK, J. M. 2013. North Pacific marine mammal bycatch estimation methodology and results, 2007-2011. U. S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-260, 40 p. (.pdf, 817 KB).  Online.  (added 12-24-13).
  • HALL, A. G., J. B. McNEILL, P. B. CONN, E. DAVENPORT, and A. A. HOHN. 2013. Seasonal co-occurrence of sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, and commercial gill nets in southern Pamlico and northern Core Sounds, and adjacent coastal waters of North Carolina, USA. Endang. Species Res. 22:235-249.  (added 12-23-13).
  • LAAKE, J. L. 2013. Capture-recapture analysis with hidden Markov models. AFSC Processed Rep. 2013-04, 34 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98115. (.pdf, 384 KB).  Online.  (added 12-19-13).
  • FERGUSSON, E., J. ORSI, and S. HEINL. 2013. Proceedings of the 25th Northeast Pacific Pink and Chum Salmon Workshop 2012. AFSC Processed Rep. 2013-03, 35 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., Auke Bay Laboratories, 17109 Point Lena Loop Road, Juneau AK 99801. (.pdf, 632 KB).  Online.  (added 12-19-13).
  • PIENAAR, E. F., D. K. LEW, and K. WALLMO. 2013. Are environmental attitudes influenced by survey context? An investigation of the context dependency of the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) Scale. Soc. Sci. Res. 42:1542-1554.  (added 12-16-13).
  • BROWMAN, H. I., S. DUPONT, J. HAVENHAND, L. ROBBINS (lead authors); M. BEMAN, C. DUARTE, M. FINE, J. H. FOSSÅ, J. HALL-SPENCER, P. HALLOCK-MULLER, T. P. HURST, D. IGLESIAS-RODRIGUEZ, P. KNORR, H. KURIHARA, J. LISLE, C. MANNO, S. McCOY, F. MELZNER, P. MUNDAY, H-O. PÖRTNER, J. RIES, D. ROBERT, J. RUNGE, D. SCOTT, H. R. SKJOLDAL, K. SUZUKI, F. THINGSTAD, and T. WOOTTON. 2013. Biological responses to ocean acidification, p. 37-54. In AMAP, 2013. AMAP Assessment 2013: Arctic Ocean Acidification. Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), Oslo, Norway. viii + 99 p.   (added 12-9-13).
  • Additional publications

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