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The following data sets have been collected by Auke Bay Laboratories over the years. Along with the data set name, each entry contains the following information: a point of contact, an abstract, and a copy of the metadata associated with that data set (in xml format). In some cases, a zipped copy of the actual data set is provided. If that link is not present, then please contact the person listed about getting a copy of the data.

Data Sets
For our purposes, a data set is defined as a collection of data records organized around a common attribute. A data set is created by converting raw data into records. Raw data are collected by the trained observer, and then converted into processed data by one or more actions. A record is a collection of processed data organized around some common attribute, such as date of collection, locality of collection, individual animal and so forth. A data set is a collection of those records.

Metadata is a file that contains details regarding the basic characteristics of a data set. These are the details about who, what, when, where, why, and how the data was collected. More information about metadata can be found at the FGDC website. All of these metadata files can also be found by searching the data portals listed below. Search the portals using "ABL" in the search field or the data set name listed below for quick results.


Data.gov (search the geodata resources)

Data sets are sorted by the categories below. Click on a category to view the applicable data sets.


Contaminants & Oil:

Environmental Measurements:





Nutritional Ecology & Bioenergetics:


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