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Guide to the gadiform fishes of the eastern North Pacific


The guide includes dichotomous keys to the gadiform families and species of the eastern North Pacific. The first step for guide users is to become familiar with the terminology and standard characters used in the key by reviewing the diagrams identifying important fish structures and the glossary of terms. Next, begin with the key to families and identify the likely family the species belongs to, then proceed to the individual family key and work through each couplet from the beginning until the species has been identified. Finally, refer to the individual accounts, which provide detailed information, photos, distinguishing characters, and data on size and depth distribution to assist in confirming species identifications. Also included in this guide are histograms comparing maximum lengths, latitudinal ranges, and depth ranges for all species. These histograms will serve as useful quick comparative references to help determine the species expected in local study areas.

View Online  (.pdf, 12.6 MB).

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