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NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-AFSC-228

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A guide to designing, testing, and implementing Alaska Fisheries Science Center economic and social surveys


Economic and social surveys are useful and powerful tools used to help better understand the characteristics, attitudes, opinions, and behavior of specific populations. However, it is not always clear to researchers how these surveys should be developed and implemented so that the most accurate information is obtained. This guide is intended to address this concern and to guide Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) researchers through the survey research and development process with the basic protocols and techniques developed in the survey research literature for maximizing item and unit response, minimizing biases, and generally producing surveys that will yield high quality information. The information presented is generally applicable to all voluntary economic and social surveys conducted by AFSC researchers and its contractors and provides a number of guidelines intended to ensure that economic and social surveys produced by the AFSC are developed and implemented according to the standards of the survey literature and required administrative and internal protocols.


View Online. (.pdf, 1 MB).

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