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Data Report: 2001 Gulf of Alaska bottom trawl survey


This data report is one of three types of standard reports presenting data from the 2001 Gulf of Alaska groundfish survey conducted by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). The three standard reports are as follows:

1) Cruise Report outlines the survey objectives; documents itinerary, personnel, andvessels employed; and summarizes major accomplishments.

2) Data Report (this document), contains detailed descriptions of the survey planningand operation, species distribution and abundance charts, length frequency plots,tables of estimated biomass, catch per unit effort, average weight and lengthestimates, length frequency plots, length-weight regression parameters, list ofidentified species, survey strata specifications and charts, and trawl descriptionsand diagrams.

3) Report to Industry, contains detailed descriptions of the survey planning andoperation, summary listings of species catches by haul and vessel, ranked CatchPer Unit Effort by Species or Species Group and Trawl and AccessoriesSpecifications and Diagrams.

View Online  (.pdf, 15 MB).

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