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Saltwater sportfishing in Alaska: A summary and description of the Alaska saltwater sportfishing economic survey, 2007


In early 2007, a survey of Alaska saltwater anglers was implemented to collect information on saltwater fishing participation, effort, and preferences of resident and non-resident anglers, focusing on their activities in the 2006 fishing season.  The survey was administered to three distinct groups of anglers for which separate survey instruments were developed:  non-residents, residents of Southeast Alaska, and all other Alaska residents.  This report describes the development, content, and structure of the three survey versions, their implementation, and a summary of the data.  The summary highlights several differences between the different angler groups and their saltwater fishing behavior, in particular with respect to where they fish, what species are harvested (caught and retained), trip expenditures, and modes of fishing..

View Online  (.pdf, 2 MB).

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