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NOAA Science in the Pacific Northwest Lecture Series, Fall 2010

NOAA Lectures at Pacific Science Center

NOAA Heritage in the Pacific Northwest goes back almost 200 years. NOAA's predecessor agencies have surveyed waters, forecasted the weather, and managed fisheries in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s.

The public joined NOAA at the Pacific Science Center's Eames Theater for five lectures in the fall of 2010 to learn more about the important work NOAA conducts -- science, service, and stewardship that impacts you, and our Nation every day.


Oct 20
How Much Will it Snow?

watch video  (1:35 hrs)

Brad Colman, Meteorologist in Charge, Seattle Forecasting Office, National Weather Service

Oct 27
Healthy Oceans & Coasts

watch video  (1:26 hrs)

Bill Douros, Director, West Coast Region, National Marine Sanctuaries

Will Stelle, NW Regional Administrator, NOAA Fisheries Service

Nov 3
Ocean Mapping

watch video  (1:01 hrs)

Captain Doug Baird, Chief, Marine Chart Division, Office of Coast Survey

Nov 10
Ocean Acidification

watch video  (1:36 hrs)

Simone Alin, Oceanographer, NOAA Research

Paul McElhany, Ecologist, NOAA Fisheries Service
view slides (.pdf, 16.76MB)

Dec 1
Oil Spill in Puget Sound?

watch video  (1:30 hrs)

Gary Shigenka, Marine Biologist, NOAA Ocean Service

Perry Gayaldo, Deputy Chief, NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center

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