North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessments November Drafts

Preliminary Drafts for the Council Meetings
** Means no new assessment done this year

Ecosystem status reports:  Aleutian Islands EBS GOA

Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI)

Gulf of Alaska ( GOA)

BSAI Introduction
(with links to all chapters)

GOA Introduction
(with links to all chapters)

Eastern Bering Sea Pollock
     Muti-species model supplement
     Aleutian Is. Pollock
     Bogoslof Is. Pollock 

GOA Pollock

Eastern Bering Sea Pacific cod
    Aleutian Is Pacific cod.

GOA Pacific cod

AK Sablefish

AK Sablefish

BSAI Yellowfin Sole

GOA Shallow-water Flatfish
GOA Northern and Southern Rock Sole

BSAI Greenland turbot

GOA Deep-water Flatfish

BSAI Arrowtooth Flounder

GOA Rex Sole

BSAI Kamchatka Flounder

GOA Arrowtooth Flounder

BSAI Northern Rock Sole

GOA Flathead Sole

BSAI Flathead Sole

GOA Pacific Ocean Perch

BSAI Alaska Plaice

GOA Northern Rockfish

BSAI Other Flatfish

GOA Shortraker**

BSAI Pacific Ocean Perch

GOA Dusky rockfish (PSR)

BSAI Northern Rockfish

GOA Rougheye & Blackspotted

BSAI Blackspotted & Rougheye

GOA Dem. shelf rockfish 

BSAI Shortraker

GOA Thornyheads

BSAI Other Rockfish

GOA Other Rockfish**

BSAI Atka Mackerel

GOA Atka Mackerel**

BSAI Skates

GOA Skates**

BSAI Sculpins

GOA Sculpins**

BSAI Sharks

GOA Sharks

BSAI Octopus

GOA Octopus**

BSAI Squid report

GOA Forage species

Ecosystem Considerations Report Aleutian Islands EBS GOA

Economic Status Report

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