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Age and Growth Program

Age Reading Demonstration (ARD) Instructions

The Age Reading Demostration (ARD) is an interactive application that takes advantage of the graphical interactivity of Adobe Flash. The current version of ARD allows the user to click on the ageing structure image to flag growth rings, zoom and pan the ageing structure image, has a movable scale bar, and compares the user's age with the experienced age reader's age. This page describes features and functionality of the Age Reading Demonstration (ARD) application.

Click here to open ARD 2.0.

Topic Index

bullet number 1 Mouse click
bullet number 1 Navigation window
bullet number 1 Navigation bar
bullet number 1 Scale bar
bullet number 1 Image Description
bullet number 1 Submit and reset age
bullet number 1 Species selection
bullet number 1 Specimen selection
bullet number 1 Keyboard shortcuts

Interactive screen shot

Mouse click: clicking anywhere on the ageing structure image sets a flag and increments the user's age estimate. Clicking on the flag will remove it and decrease the user's age estimate. When the cursor is directly over the flag the pointer will change from a cross-hair to a hand.

ARD navigation window Navigation window: the bottom left corner has a thumbnail image of the ageing structure in a navigation window. The position of the full size image can be changed by dragging the red box inside the navigation window.

ARD navigation barNavigation bar: the image position and size is controlled with the navigation bar at the bottom middle of the screen. The bottons include a zoom slider, zoom in and out buttons, pan direction buttons, and an image reset button.

ARD Scale bar buttonScale bar: the movable scale bar is made visible by pressing the Show Scale button in the bottom right corner. The scale bar can be hidden by pressing this button again. The scale bar is different sizes based on the magnification and resolution of the image of the captured image as is displayed in millimeters.

ARD image descriptionImage Description: This field has pertinent specimen information such as fish length, date of collection, species, and ageing difficulty. Ageing difficulty is a number from 1 to 3, with 1 being easy and 3 being difficult.

ARD submit and resetSubmit and reset age: when the user is done placing flag markers on the ageing structure the submit button is pressed to display the age and flag locations from the expert age reader. The flags can be removed and the ages cleared by pressing the reset button. Another method for entering an age estimate without clicking on the image is by entering a number in the box labeled Your age estimate and then clicking the Go button. After an age is submitted the precent agreement and average age fields are updated with overall session results.

ARD Species selectSpecies selection: species can be selected with the pull-down box in the top right corner.

Specimen selection: click on the thumbnail images below the species selection box to select different specimen images for ageing. The specimen images on the right are sorted from easy to difficult with easy being at the top.

Keyboard shortcuts: the Shift and Ctrl buttons zoom in and out and so do the A and Z buttons. The direction keys will move the position of the ageing image on the screen.

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