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Age and Growth Program

The Age and Growth Program is a cutting-edge research organization that provides age data that contributes to our basic understanding of a species whether it is in the context of sustainable fisheries, species conservation, or species ecology.  The program is primarily focused on age data for age structured modeling of exploited fish populations.

Program Description

Age structures, primarily otoliths, are collected from NMFS survey cruises, the Fisheries Observer Program, foreign fisheries agencies, and state agencies.  Current species being aged and studied include walleye pollock, sablefish, Pacific cod, Atka mackerel, yellowfin sole, Pacific ocean perch, and various other flatfish and rockfish species.  Quality control is provided through 20% repeated readings by experienced age readers.  Ageing methodologies are validated using known age fish, tagged fish, marginal increment studies, OTC marked fish, and radiometric studies.

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