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Fisheries Behavioral Ecology
Research Topic 3: Identify Sensitive Measures for Stress Effects on Fish Conditions

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The fourth step is to identify sensitive measures for stress effects on fish condition.  These measures are useful for understanding the ecological effects of fishing stressors on fish and include physical injury, physiological impairment, and reflex impairment.  Reflex impairment appears to be especially important because it may include the effects of wounding and physiological impairment.  Additionally, measures of fish condition can be evaluated as potential substitute measures for delayed mortality.  It is often difficult to measure delayed fish mortality at sea because fish must be held in cages or tagged and recaptured.  Measures of fish condition may be correlated with delayed mortality and used as predictors of mortality without holding fish for prolonged periods of time.

A conceptual diagram of factors contributing to delayed mortality

A conceptual diagram of factors contributing to delayed mortality in fish that escape or are discarded from fishing gear.  Potential substitute measures for delayed mortality are derived from changes in fish condition including: physical injury, physiological impairment, and reflex impairment.

For further information on fish condition measures see articles (Davis and Parker, 2004; Davis, 2005; Davis and Ottmar, 2006).


Steps for Studying Bycatch Mortality in the Laboratory
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