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Fisheries Behavioral Ecology
Research Topic 3: Conceptual Model of Bycatch Mortality

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The first step in studying bycatch mortality in the laboratory is to develop a conceptual model for the factors that control bycatch mortality.  This model gives a context for hypothesis testing of individual factors and combinations of factors.

Conceptual diagram of interacting factors in discard mortality.

A conceptual diagram of interacting factors in discard mortality for fish caught with deepwater gear (trawl, pot, hook and line). The curved line indicates fish path at depth and the surface during capture and discard. Selected key factors are indicated. Increasing stress level is indicated at the bottom of the diagram as interaction of factors increases initial capture stress.  For further information on bycatch stressors see Davis (2002).


Steps for Studying Bycatch Mortality in the Laboratory
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Research Topic 1: Fish and Environment

Research Topic 2: Fish Habitat

Research Topic 3: Bycatch Mortality

Research Topic 4: Fishing Gear


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