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AFSC 2014 Stock Asssessment Review Agenda

Program Review Home
Date Time Topic Presenter/Lead Related Documents

Day 1

1:00 PM Introduction and charge to Review Panel Doug DeMaster
1:15 PM Overview of AFSC organization and assessment responsibilities

Discussion of 2013 data reviews
Steve Ignell/
Doug DeMaster
Theme II: Overview of Assessment Process
1:45 PM Fishery Management Plans

Council tier system introduction

Annual assessment cycle
Pat Livingston
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM Overview of assessments conducted by AFSC

Assessment terms of reference
Grant Thompson
4:00 PM Public comment
4:30 PM Panel review and  discussions
5:30 PM Adjourn

Day 2

Theme I: Scientific and Technical Process
9:00 AM Tier system specifics

Different data, different models

Data – limited stocks

Alternative modeling approaches
Dana Hanselman


10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM Age-structured models

Model simulation testing

Tier 1 and uncertainty

Projection models and control rules
Jim Ianelli
12:00 PM Lunch
Theme III: Peer Review Process
1:15 PM From authors to annual catch limits: Overview of review timeline (groundfish and crabs) Sandra Lowe
2:15 PM Technical review and NS2

CIE reviews

Public input
Martin Dorn
3:15 PM Break and discussion
4:00 PM Public comment
4:30 PM Panel review and discussion
4:45 PM Panel writing
5:30 PM Adjourn


Day 3

Theme IV: Organization and Priorities
9:00 AM Prioritization

Balancing assessment demands with other analytical demands

Assessment bottlenecks
Anne Hollowed
10:15 AM Break
Theme V: Accomplishments Relative to Mandates
10::30 AM More detail on assessment composition

Comparison to national standards (NS1) and assessments done elsewhere
Grant Thompson
11:30 AM Ecosystem considerations Kerim Aydin
12:00 PM Lunch
Theme VI: Communication
1:15 PM Are assessment needs guiding research goals?

Outreach and collaboration with stakeholders
Phil Rigby
2:45 PM Break
Theme VII: Opportunities
3:00 PM The future: stock assessment improvements


Expertise and AFSC assessment staffing priorities
Anne Hollowed
4:00 PM Public comment
4:30 PM Panel review and discussion
5:30 PM Adjourn

Day 4

9:00 AM Review Panel follow-up with AFSC scientists/overall questions
10:30 AM Drafting of report by panel
5:30 PM Adjourn

Day 5

TBD Final report provided to AFSC Directorate Chair - Review Panel
  • Closed session

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