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AFSC 2013 Program Review Agenda

Program Review Home

Date Time Topic Presenter/Lead Related Documents
Day 1
1:30 PM Introduction and Charge to Review Panel Doug DeMaster
I. Overview of Data Uses for Assessments
1:45 PM Overview of AFSC Organization and Assessment Responsibilities Doug DeMaster
2:45 PM Overview of How Data Are Used in the AFSC Assessment Process Pat Livingston
4:00 PM Public Comment


4:30 PM Panel Review and  Discussions


5:30 PM Adjourn



Day 2

8:30 AM Review and Schedule for Day 2 Doug DeMaster


II. Fishery Independent Data
8:45 AM Overview of AFSC Bottom Trawl Surveys Dave Somerton
10:15 AM Break    
10:30 AM Overview of AFSC Acoustic Trawl Surveys Chris Wilson
12:00 PM Lunch    
1:00 PM Overview of AFSC Longline Surveys Chris Lunsford
III. Fishery-Dependent Data
1:30 PM Logbook Information for Sablefish Assessment Chris Lunsford  
1:45 PM Overview of North Pacific Groundfish and Halibut Observer Program Martin Loefflad
2:45 PM Fishery Dependent Data Collection in the North Pacific and Catch Estimation in Federal Groundfish Fisheries Craig Faunce and Jennifer Mondragon (AKR)
3:45 PM Break    
4:00 PM Public Comment    
4:30 PM Panel Review and Discussion    
4:45 PM Panel Writing    
5:30 PM Adjourn    

Day 3

8:30 AM Review and Schedule for Day 3    
8:45 AM Electronic Monitoring: Challenges for New Fishery-Dependent Data Sources Farron Wallace
IV. Data Streams Spanning Fishery-Dependent and Fishery-Independent Sources
9:45 AM Age & Growth and Food Habits Tom Helser and Kerim Aydin
10:30 AM Maturity Schedules Anne Hollowed
11:00 AM Ecosystem Studies – Supplemental Surveys Mike Sigler  
11:30 Lunch    
12:30 PM Data Adequacy for Stock Assessments Jim Ianelli and Chris Lunsford
2:30 PM Public Comment    
3:30 PM Panel Review and Discussion    
3:45 PM Panel Writing    
5:30 PM Adjourn    

Day 4

8:30 AM Review Panel Follow-Up with AFSC Scientists/Overall Questions    
10:00 AM Drafting of Report by Panel    
5:30 PM Adjourn    

Day 5

TBD Final Report Provided to AFSC Directorate Chair - Review Panel
  • Closed Session

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