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Spatio-temporal Distribution of Bowhead Whales off Barrow, Alaska 2007-2012 (pg 1, 2, 3)


(Bars above plots represent periods of no data. All plots use data that are zero-phase moving-averaged by week. Peak presence is defined as % of time intervals with calls being > 50%.)


2007: Recorders deployed  in August. Peak presence: mid-September until late October. Higher % of time with calling in West


2008: All recorders failed in mid-March before the start of the spring migration. Peak presence: late August until mid-November. M4 not deployed in the fall.


2009: First spring detection: April 10th. Peak presence: Mid-April until early November. M5: strong presence of calling in August and September. M4 not deployed.

  2010: First spring detection: April 1st.P eak presence: early April until mid-October (M4)/early-November (M2 & M3). M4 redeployed in fall.  
2011: First spring detection: March 25th; the earliest in all years. Peak presence: late March until mid-November

  2012: Lone call detected on March 31st. Spring migration detected: April 12th. Peak presence: mid-April until July. Large drop in % of time intervals with calls occurs in late June at all moorings  



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