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Ringed Seal Photo Stream Team Members Gallery Videos
Researchers from the Polar Ecosystems Program research cruise are providing regular updates of photos and captions as the cruise progresses. Please check back often and follow our researchers as they seek out ribbon and spotted seals along the Bering Sea ice edge.

2009 Spring Polar Cruise Videos

Ringed Seal PupDouble-taggedCurious Young Ribbon SealYoung Ribbon Seal and McArthur IIYoung Ribbon Seal and McArthur IIMoltGhost shipPeeking Over the EdgeDashing for the EdgePausing After ReleaseAttaching Tag to Male Ribbon SealTagged ribbon seal pupHead Tag on Male Ribbon SealErin at the HelmUAS Catapult LaunchUAS LaunchUAS RecoveryUAS Survey ImageJosh with Chief SciMcArthur II from St. Matthew IslandSt. Matthew Island SunsetGroup PhotoInflatable Boat on IceOn a 'Berg, Scanning for SealRibbon Seal ReleasedA high vantage point for finding seals.Sunset on a Calm NightApproaching seals over the ice.NOAA Ship McArthur IIRibbon Seal SwimmingSeal team 1& 2Michael Cameron Contemplates the PlanSearching for Seals in Calm WatersReady to GoMcArthur II Loads Inflatable Boats on a Sunny DayScanning for More SealsUAS Ready to LaunchNOAA Ship McArthur II Navigating Around IceResting After ReleaseHead-Mounted Satellite TransmitterHappy Researchers Return to the Ship After a Day of Instrumenting SealsInflatable Boats Return to the McArthur IIMcArthur II Safety Boat in the Water for a Trip to the Ice.Molted HairFarewellTagging another spotted seal pupSearching for sealsSurprise!Recovering the UASComing Back AboardResearchers in WhiteSatellite Tag on a Young Spotted SealWaiting for the glue to setSatellite TransmitterReady to BeginBringing the Boats on BoardLooking for seals in the iceCoordinationTime to Collect Some DataNavigating through Ice and SnowReturning to the ShipIce floes near the Bering Sea ice edgeCollecting Data with McArthur II in the BackgroundReleased and ready to transmitA molted spotted seal fitted with a 'SPLASH' tag, ready for release.On her wayMeasuring MorphologyDiscussing the PlanWorking TogetherWorking on an Ice FloeErin Moreland operates the safety boat while researchers work with a spotted seal on a near by ice floe.Enjoying a Day in the IceNOAA Ship McArthur II Near IceSpotted seal in the iceSneaking upRibbon seal pupJohn Jansen Cookin'!Observing from the BridgeLeaving the Dock in KodiakWaiting to LeaveNOAA Ship McArthur II Life Ring

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