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Sonja Kromann




Marine Mammal Laboratory





Marine Mammal Laboratory
Alaska Fisheries Science Center/NOAA
7600 Sand Point Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115-6349

Current Activities

Sonja Kromann is responsible for managing the Marine Mammal Laboratory Library and for providing library support for research conducted by MML and other NOAA programs. The MML Library also provides research assistance to non-NOAA researchers and the general public. Sonja serves as coordinator for the NOAA Fisheries Library Consortium, which includes 17 National Marine Fisheries Service Libraries at various locations in 11 states throughout the nation. The NFLC cooperates to improve library services throughout NOAA Fisheries. Other projects include the NOAA Libraries Institutional Repository project.


Sonja graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Western Washington University and a masters in library and information science from the University of Washington.

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