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 John Bengtson, Dr.Director(206)

Operations Management
 Robyn Angliss, Dr.Deputy Director(206)
 Robert CarusoScience Technician(206)
 Mary FooteManagement Analyst(206)
 Van HelkerContractor(206)
 Ben HouComputer Specialist(206)
 Sonja KromannLibrarian(206)
 Marcia MutoResearch Biologist(206)
 Monte PascualComputer Specialist(206)
 Blair Delean, LTJGNOAA Corp(206)
 Katie JaskiernyOffice Assistant(206)
 Billie McCorkleOffice Assistant(206)
 Stuart PascuaContractor(206)

Alaska Ecosystems Program
 Tom Gelatt, Dr.Program Leader(206)
 Jason Baker, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Kathryn ChumbleyResearch Biologist(206)
 Brian Fadely, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Devin Johnson, Dr.Statistician(206)
 Carey Kuhn, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Michelle Lander, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Rolf Ream, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Elizabeth SinclairResearch Biologist(509)
 Jeremy Sterling, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Ward Testa, Dr.Research Biologist(907)
 Rod TowellStatistician(206)
 Tonya ZeppelinResearch Biologist(206)
 Brian BrostStatistician (206)
 Vladimir Burkanov, Dr.Contractor(206)
 Joshua CutlerContractor(206)
 Katie LuxaContractor(206)
 Katie SweeneyResearch Biologist(206)

Polar Ecosystems Program
 Peter Boveng, Dr.Program Leader(206)
 Michael Cameron, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Paul Conn, Dr.Statistician(206)
 Shawn DahleResearch Biologist(206)
 John JansenResearch Biologist(206)
 Josh London, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Brett McClintock, Dr.Statistician(206)
 Erin MorelandResearch Biologist(206)
 Jay Verhoef, Dr.Statistician(907)
 Heather ZielResearch Biologist(206)
 Gavin BradyContractor(206)
 Cynthia ChristmanResearch Biologist(206)
 Stacie HardyResearch Biologist(206)
 Erin RichmondContractor(206)
 Irina TrukhanovaAffiliate Scientist(206)

Cetacean Assessment and Ecology Program
 Phillip Clapham, Dr.Program Leader(206)
 Catherine Berchok, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Jessica CranceResearch Biologist(206)
 Megan Ferguson, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Nancy Friday, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Kim SheldenResearch Biologist(206)
 Paul Wade, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Janice WaiteResearch Biologist(206)
 Charlotte Boyd, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Amelia BrowerContractor(206)
 Stephanie GrassiaContractor(206)
 Amy Kennedy, Dr.Contractor(206)
 Kim Parsons, Dr.Contractor(206)
 Christy SimsContractor(206)
 Amy WilloughbyContractor(206)
 Dana WrightContractor(206)
 Alex Zerbini, Dr.Contractor(206)
 Manolo Castellote, Dr.Affiliate Scientist(206)
 Yulia Ivashchenko, Dr.Affiliate Scientist(206)

California Current Ecosystems Program
 Robert DeLong, Dr.Program Leader(206)
 Pat GearinResearch Biologist(206)
 Jeff HarrisResearch Biologist(206)
 Sharon Melin, Dr.Research Biologist(206)
 Tony Orr, Dr.Research Biologist(206)

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