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The Fur Seal Archive

The Fur Seal Archive contains original documents and data from international research conducted primarily in the area of the Pribilof Islands from the early 1900's to the present.  Additional published documents regarding fur seal research can be found in the library collection. Please contact the MML Librarian in advance to arrange an appoinment to access the archive. 

The International Whaling Commission

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was organized in 1946 after economic conditions forced a change in whaling practices. The overabundance of whale by-products undercut the market and prompted several nations to create the International Whaling Commission. The following link tells the story of the IWC and documents current international efforts to replenish the dwindled whale population:

The International North Pacific Fisheries Commission

The International North Pacific Fisheries Commission (INPFC) archive contains a majority of the documents produced by member institutions for the Commission during its history from the early 1950's through 1993.  The MML library collection also includes the Commission's published documents including Annual Reports, Statistical Yearbooks, and Bulletins. 

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