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Humback Whale

Would you like to know where NMML obtained the information for this site?

We used juvenile and scientific books, web sites, science publications, journal articles, and NMML scientist's brains to create this site. 

Thanks to everyone who helped produce this web site in one way or another.   Special thanks to Lisa Hiruki, Janice Waite, Dave Rugh, Sue Moore, Marilyn Dahlheim, Marcia Muto, Chuck Fowler, and Doug DeMaster who spent many frustrating hours with parts of this site.

  • Chris Boucher
  • Brad Hanson
  • Rod Hobbs
  • John Jansen
  • Sonja Kromann
  • Sally Mizroch
  • Dale Rice
  • Bruce Robson
  • Dave Withrow

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This portion of the MML website is intended for a student audience and their educators.
Information within the education website should not be cited in scientific journals or publications.

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