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Polar Bear on Pack Ice

What do you know about other marine mammals?

Well, marine mammals are mammals that spend all or most of their time and get their food from marine  waters (sea).  Normally when we think of marine mammals, we think of whales (cetaceans), seals (pinnipeds), and sirenians (such as manatees). However there are a few other animals that have "returned [relatively] recently to the sea, or are in the process of doing so" and are considered marine mammals. (Meith, 2).

Two species that are also considered marine mammals are the Northern Pacific sea otter and the South American sea otter.  Sea otters are notable because they are the only marine mammal species that use tools to forage for food.  

The polar bear is also considered a marine mammal because it is a proficient swimmer, which hunts primarily on sea ice for ringed and bearded seals.

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