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Humback Whale

Education Species Index

Looking for a specific page? Below are links to the species pages available on this site. In addition, information on the broader classifications is also available.


  Cetaceans Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises
  Pinnipeds Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses
  Marine Mammal Study Career and Research Information
  Site Resources Help and Resources for Visitors


  Cetacean Behavior
Cetacean Behavior
  Baleen Whales
Right/Pygmy Right Whales
Bowhead Whale
Northern Right Whale
Southern Right Whale
Gray Whales
Gray Whale
Rorqual Whales
Blue Whale
Humpback Whale
Toothed Whales
Sperm Whales
Sperm Whale
Beaked Whales
North Pacific Bottlenose Whale
River Dolphins
La Plata Dolphin
Narwhals and Belugas
Beluga Whale
Narwhal Whale
Bottlenose Dolphins
Pacific White-Sided Dolphins
Killer Whale
Dall's Porpoise


  Non-eared Seals
Antarctic Ice Seals
Crabeater Seals
Leopard Seals
Weddell Seals
Artic Ice Seals
Bearded Seals
Ribbon Seals
Ringed Seals
Spotted Seals
Open Water Seals
Harbor Seals
Northern Elephant Seals
  Eared Seals
Sea Lions
California Sea Lions
Steller Sea Lions
Fur Seals
Guadalupe Fur Seals

Northern Fur Seals

Marine Mammal Study

  Opportunities at NOAA
Educational opportunities at NOAA
  How do we study marine mammals?
What do individual animals do?
How old are they?
How many are there?
What do they eat?
Where do they go?
Where do they go? (cont'd.)
Study Instruments
Seal Example
  Marine Mammal Careers
Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science
I Want to Work with Marine Mammals
Marine Mammal Organizations
  Marine Mammal Laboratory
What is MML?
What research programs does MML run?

Site Resources

  Student and educator resources
What is taxonomy?
Grammar tips for writing about marine mammals
Website Citations/Sources

This portion of the MML website is intended for a student audience and their educators.
Information within the education website should not be cited in scientific journals or publications.

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