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Redbanded Sea Star, Orthasterias koehleri and
the Blood Star, Henricia leviuscula

[Redbanded Sea Star, Orthasterias koehleri, starhenri.jpg=71KB]

Pictured are the spiny redbanded sea star, Orthasterias koehleri, and the scarlet red blood star, Henricia leviuscula. Both sea stars range from the Aleutian Islands to central California.Henricia leviuscula is usually found on bedrock from the intertidal down to 100 meters. It feeds on encrusting sponges and may feed on plankton. Orthasterias can be found on all substrates from the low intertidal down to 230 meters, and feeds on many organisms, especially the bivalve Humilaria kennerleyi.

Scientific name: Greek orth (straight) and asterias (starred).
Scientific name: Latin levis, laevis (smooth).


Digital photo by Jan Haaga. References (a complete list) in the text include: Kessler (1985) or Barr (1983).

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