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Orange Sea Cucumber, Cucumaria miniata

[Orange Sea
Cucumber, Cucumaria miniata, miscuke03.jpg=35KB]

The orange sea cucumber, Cucumaria miniata, is found from the Aleutian Islands to California in low intertidal and subtidal zones down to 225 meters. This sea cucumber lives wedged between cobble or boulders, hanging on with its tube feet, and is reported to prefer areas of strong currents. Being a suspension feeder, it catches plankton and detritus from the water column. To remove food from its tentacles, it curls them to its mouth and scrapes them clean.

Scientific name: Latin Cucumis (cucumber, name of sea plant with the smell of cucumber) and miniata (colored with cinnabar or vermillion).


Digital photo by Jan Haaga. References (a complete list) in the text include: O'Clair (1998), Gotshall (1994), Kessler (1985) or Barr (1983).

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