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Brown Box Crab, Lopholithodes formaminatus

[Brown Box Crab, Lopholithodes formaminatus, crabboxa.jpg=61KB]

The brown box crab, Lopholithodes foraminatus, like the red king crab, is in the family Lithodidae. Kodiak Island, Alaska is the northern extent of its range which extends south to San Diego, California. Their preferred habitat is mud bottom or on vertical rock faces above the mud, from low intertidal to 600 m. Carapace length is to about 150 mm (6 inches). They feed on bivalves and organic debris and often bury in the mud. While buried, two circular foramins or holes (partially visible above) in the claws allow for water circulation to the gills.

Scientific name: Greek lophos (crest) and lithodes (stone); and the Latin foraminatus (provided with a hole or perforation).


Digital photo by Jan Haaga. References (a complete list) in the text include: Jensen (1995), Williams et al. (1988), Barr (1983), or Hart (1982).

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