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Alaskan Hermit Crab, Pagurus ochotensis

[Alaskan Hermit Crab, Pagurus ochotensis, crabak_herm.jpg=48KB]

A common hermit crab, the Alaskan hermit crab, Pagurus ochotensis, can be found in the Northwestern Pacific and the Pribilof Islands in Alaska to off Point Arena, California; intertidal to 388 m. Pagurus ochotensis is in the family Paguridae and is identified by the yellowish eyes and the irridescent sheen to its legs and claws. It usually prefers moon snail shells, but in this photo is housed in a Fusitriton oregonensis.

Scientific name: Greek pag (that which is firmly set or fixed) and Latin urus (a kind of wild ox); and Greek ochos (anything which bears, a wagon) and Latin ensis (an adjectival suffix meaning, belonging to).


Digital photo by Jan Haaga. References (a complete list) in the text include: Jensen (1995), Williams et al. (1988), Barr (1983), or Hart (1982).

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