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Kodiak Laboratory - W.F. Thompson Memorial Library

Kodiak Fisheries Research Center
W.F. Thompson Memorial Library
301 Research Court
Kodiak, AK 99615

Librarian: Beverly Malley
Phone: (907) 481-1712
Fax: (907) 481-1702

The W.F. Thompson Memorial Library has a significant collection of books, journals, reports, and reprints on marine science and fisheries topics, as well as an extensive collection of U.S. Fish Commission Reports (dating back to 1871) and Bulletins (dating back to 1881). The public is welcome to use the library and copy material, but all materials must remain in the library. Links to other libraries may be helpful in your search for information.

The library is named after the late W.F. Thompson (1888 - 1965), a prominent fishery biologist and a major contributor to the theory that variations in fish abundance are the result of fishing pressure.

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