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AFSC Historical Corner:  Fisheries Behavioral Ecology Laboratory

Sand Point  (Seattle)
Montlake  (Seattle)
Newport, OR
Auke Bay Labs, AK
Kodiak Lab, AK
Little Port Walter, AK
Brooks River, AK
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King Salmon, AK
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Pribilof Islands, AK
Traitors Cove, AK
Early Pioneers
Research and Mgmt.
Hatfield Marine Science Center
The Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon.  AFSC website photo.

Established at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (Newport, Oregon) in 1983, the Fisheries Behavioral Ecology (FBE) laboratory was a program of the Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies program and of the AFSC's Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering (RACE) Division. The FBE Program's overarching goal was to understand and conserve populations of economically important marine species and their habitats.

Located on the 49-acre Hatfield campus near Yaquina Bay, the FBE Program continues to conduct laboratory research on the behavioral responses of commercially important marine fishes to environmental factors that are critical to controlling distribution and survival from egg to adult.

Research has also focused on defining the factors which affect postcapture survival and mortality of fish that are caught as bycatch. Species of recent interest include walleye pollock, sablefish, and Pacific halibut.

The FBE experimental laboratories currently consists of over 17,000 cubic feet of tank space housed in over 18,000 square feet of wet laboratory space supplied with 500 gallons per minute of high quality seawater, 200 gallons per minute of which can be chilled to 3° C.

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