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AFSC Historical Corner:  Facilities and Field Stations

Sand Point  (Seattle)
Montlake  (Seattle)
Newport, OR
Auke Bay Labs, AK
Kodiak Lab, AK
Little Port Walter, AK
Brooks River, AK
Kasitsna Bay, AK
King Salmon, AK
Olsen Bay, AK
Pribilof Islands, AK
Traitors Cove, AK
Early Pioneers
Research and Mgmt.
Lake Brooks salmon studies building
Work is done by hand to build an addition to the original salmon studies building at Lake Brooks.
Auke Bay Laboratories photo, 1957.

The long history of federal fisheries research in Alaska led to the construction of a number of far-flung facilities to support the Agency's scientific efforts.

These facilities have ranged from small field camps necessary to support seasonal research both in Alaska and along the U.S. West Coast -- such as salmon life history studies -- to state-of-the-art laboratories located in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.

While some facilities were abandoned because of shifts in research priorities, others have been transferred to various scientific agencies that still support research activities.

Many of these facilities and Alaska field stations are highlighted through the following links.

Research Facilites:

Alaska Field Stations:

Additional reading:

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