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HEPR:  Essential Fish Habitat Funding Received for 2012

Research Areas:
Loss of Sea Ice
Essential Fish Habitat
Ocean Acidification
Bering Sea Project
Core Team Members

Project selection for essential fish habitat (EFH) research is based on research priorities from the
EFH Research Implementation Plan for Alaska (.pdf, 147 KB).

Approximately $500,000 is spent on about ten EFH research projects each year, but funding dropped substantially in 2012 because of budget reductions.

The Habitat and Ecological Processes Research (HEPR) team completed a scientific rating of the 2012 proposals last fall. Alaska Regional Office Habitat Conservation Division Assistant Regional Administrator Jon Kurland and HEPR Program Leader Mike Sigler agreed on rankings based on the scientific review and management priorities. Like last year, habitat recovery rate proposals were given higher management priority.

The management prioritization this year followed the science ranking. Separately, the Regional Office and Center successfully pursued an additional $70K in one-time national EFH funding to support a project by Lindeberg, Johnson, Thedinga, and Eagleton to document seasonal distribution and habitat use of near-shore fishes in upper Cook Inlet.

Principal Investigators Titles Funding
Laurel, Stoner The role of benthic habitat in larval rock sole settlement dynamics - Yr 2 of 2 $41,340
Ryer, Copeman, Spencer, Ottmar, Iseri Determinants of juvenile Tanner crab growth from different nursery embayments $87,000
Hurst, Cooper, Duffy-Anderson,
Essential fish habitats of juvenile Pacific cod, yellowfin sole, and northern rock
sole along the Alaska Peninsula
Matta, Helser, Ormseth, Hurst Otolith microchemical fingerprinting: assessing juvenile Pacific cod habitat
utilization in the Gulf of Alaska
Stone, Waller Reproductive ultrastructure of red tree corals from Tracy Arm Fjord, Southeast
Alaska: delving deeper into recovery dynamics
Total   $286,323


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