(Black rockfishes with weak head spines)

Yellowtail rockfish
(Sebastes flavidus)

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Body color:
Grayish brown w/ brassy yellow wash becoming light gray on side and white ventrally; sides finely speckled w/ brown; several vague light blotches on back; fins dusky yellow. (Also see above underwater photos.)
Maximum length: 26 in ( 66 cm) Peritoneum color: light
Maximum depth: 300 fm (549 m) Shape between eyes: convex
Common depth: 27-137 fm (50-250 m) Counts: D:XII-XIII,14-16, Ar:7-9, P1:17-19, GR:34-49,
LLp:49-55, LLs:55-60, V:26

Similar species:

Olive RF - anal rays typically 9 (typically 7-8 in Yellowtail RF); pale areas on back more prominent; pectoral rays completely dark (often edged w/ pink in Yellowtail); pectoral rays typically 17 (typically 18 in Yellowtail RF); fin membranes dark.

Widow RF - anal fin w/ strong posterior slant (perpendicular in Yellowtail RF); body color dusky brown; pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins w/ black membranes (dusky in Yellowtail RF); mouth small, maxilla to midorbit (well past midorbit in Yellowtail RF).

Dusky RF - peritoneum dark; dorsal rays typically 15-16 (typically 14 in Yellowtail RF); fin membranes dark.

Black RF - anal-fin margin rounded; body color black to blue-black, white ventrally; pectoral rays typically 19 (typically 18 in Yellowtail RF).

Distribution: Gulf of Alaska - Southern California

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