(Banded rockfishes with strong head spines)

(Sebastes serriceps)

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Body color:
Dark olive above, yellowish below; sides of body w/ 5-6 distinct, vertical, black-olive bands; lips tinged w/ pink; anal fin dark.
Maximum length: 16 in (40 cm) Peritoneum color: light
Maximum depth: 25 fm (46 m) Shape between eyes: concave
Common depth: <22 fm (<40 m) Counts: D:XIII,13-15, Ar:5-7, P1:17-19, GR:17-30,
LLp:44-54, LLs:?-?, V:26

Similar species:

Redbanded RF and Flag RF - red bands on light pink background; head spine 8 absent.

Tiger RF - black bands on light red background coloration; head spine count differs.

Distribution: Northern California - Baja California

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