(Black rockfishes with weak head spines)

Speckled rockfish
(Sebastes ovalis)

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Body color:
Light brown or tan w/ dark brown or black spotting and vague mottling on back and sides; tips of jaws blackened; membranes of lower fins blackened.
Maximum length: 22 in (56 cm) Peritoneum color: dark
Maximum depth: 200 fm (366 m) Shape between eyes: convex
Common depth: 16-200 fm (30-366 m) Counts: D:XIII,13-16, Ar:7-8, P1:17-19, GR:29-34,
LLp:45-55, LLs:?-?, V:27

Similar species:

Bank RF - body typically dusky red to gray; lateral line in clear zone; gill rakers typically 34-35 (typically 31-33 in Speckled RF).

Brown RF - operculum w/ dark blotch; body w/out small dark spots; maxilla extends to rear of orbit (midorbit in speckled); head spines strong, spine 8 present.

Yellowtail RF - peritoneum light; head spine count differs; anal-fin margin perpendicular.

Widow RF - speckling absent (present in Speckled RF); pelvic- and anal-fin membranes black (dusky in Speckled RF); gill rakers 34-38 and lateral line pores 52-60 (rakers 29-34 and pores 45-55 in Speckled RF).

Distribution: Washington - Baja California

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