(Red rockfishes with strong head spines)

Sharpchin rockfish
(Sebastes zacentrus)

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Body color: Light red w/ several vague, dark brown blotches on back w/ at least one blotch extending below lateral line.
Maximum length: 15 in (39 cm) Peritoneum color: dark
Maximum depth: 220 fm (402 m) Shape between eyes: convex to concave
Common depth: 82-165 fm (150-300 m) Counts: D:XIII,13-15, Ar:7-8, P1:16-18, GR:31-41,
LLp:39-47, LLs:43-59,V:27

Similar species:

Harlequin RF - symphyseal knob moderate; dorsal fin black; posterior 2/3 of lateral line clear.

Darkblotched RF - symphyseal knob weak; head spine count differs; anal spine 2 shorter than 3.

Halfbanded RF - body dusky pink w/ 2 prominent blotches over lateral line; head spines weak; symphyseal knob weak.

Pacific Ocean Perch - head spines weak and typically differ in count; dorsal blotches do not extend below lateral line; blotch on operculum; operculum edge w/ spines.

Yellowmouth RF - symphyseal knob weaker; yellow blotches inside mouth; dorsal blotches diffuse, do not extend below lateral line; operculum edge w/ spines; blotch on operculum.

Distribution: Aleutian Islands - Southern California

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