(Red rockfishes with strong head spines)

Rougheye rockfish
(Sebastes aleutianus)

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Body color:
Red on back, becoming pink on sides, often w/ vague spots and traces of dusky bars; fins reddish, w/ black on tips; inside of mouth red-black to red-white; posterior part of lateral line often light.
(See occasional dark phase in above photo.)
Maximum length: 39 in (97 cm) Peritoneum color: light w/ dots
Maximum depth: 479 fm (875 m) Shape between eyes: convex to flat
Common depth: 55-246 fm (100-450 m) Counts: D:XIII-XIV,12-15, Ar:6-8, P1:17-19, GR:29-35,
LLp:29-37, LLs:47-55, V:27

Similar species:

Shortraker RF - 0 or rarely 1 eye spine; body pink to orange-pink, typically w/out dark color on body; specimens >40 cm w/ gillrakers on first arch 3 times longer than width (5-6 times in Rougheye RF); head spine 6 typically absent.

Blackgill RF - 0 or rarely 1 eye spine; head spine 6 typically absent; mouth, upper branchiostegal membranes, and gill cavity black.

Pacific Ocean Perch - head spines weak and differ in count; discrete dark blotches at base of dorsal fin; symphyseal knob prominent.

Sharpchin RF - discrete dorsal blotches w/ at least one crossing lateral line; prominent symphyseal knob; head spines differ in count; anal spine 2 longer than 3.

Yelloweye RF - body bright yellow-orange (reddish in young <28 cm); head spines rugose w/ multiple points and count differs.

Distribution: Bering Sea - Southern California

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