(White-spotted red rockfishes
with strong head spines)

Rosethorn rockfish
(Sebastes helvomaculatus)

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Body color: Orange-yellow w/ light olivaceous mottling on back; 4 or 5 clear, white blotches, bordered w/ light pink or orange on upper part of body; dusky area on opercle; fins pink, w/ some yellow-green.
Maximum length: 16.5 in (41 cm) Peritoneum color: dark to gray w/ spots
Maximum depth: 300 fm (549 m) Shape between eyes: concave
Common depth: 55-192 fm (100-350 m) Counts: D:XII-XIV,12-14, Ar:6-7, P1:15-18, GR:28-33,
LLp:34-45, LLs:42-48, V:26

Similar species:

Greenspotted RF - body typically w/ round green spots and streaks on back; pectoral rays typically 17; gillrakers 31-36 (typically 28-31 in Rosethorn RF).

Rosy RF - body dark red w/ purple on back; purple band typically on nape; pectoral rays typically 17.

Pinkrose RF - pectoral rays typically 17; body uniform pink-red.

Swordspine RF - pectoral rays typically 17; prominent symphyseal knob on projecting lower jaw (small knob on jaws of equal length in Rosethorn RF); gillrakers 34-40 (28-33 in Rosethorn RF).

Pink RF and Greenblotched RF - body w/ olive-green wavy lines; pectoral rays typically 17.

Freckled RF - prominent knobs on upper jaw (absent in Rosethorn RF); dense freckling on back (mottled in Rosethorn RF); gillrakers 34-39 (28-33 in Rosethorn RF); pectoral rays typically 17; dorsal rays typically 12 (typically 13 in Rosethorn RF).

Distribution: Gulf of Alaska - Baja California

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