(Red/Black rockfishes with strong head spines)

Pygmy rockfish
(Sebastes wilsoni)

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Body color:
Light brown, flushed w/ red; about 4 dark blotches along base of dorsal fin; a brownish-red stripe below lateral line.
Maximum length: 9 in (23 cm) Peritoneum color: dark
Maximum depth: 150 fm (274 m) Shape between eyes: flat
Common depth: 17-150 fm (30-274 m) Counts: D:XIII,13-15, Ar:5-7, P1:16-18, GR:37-43,
LLp:37-46, LLs:45-50, V:27-28

Similar species:

Puget Sound RF - body color differs, brownish-red stripe absent below lateral line; anal rays typically 7 (typically 6 in Pygmy RF).

Shortbelly RF - anus about midway between anal-fin origin and pelvic-fin base (immediately in front of anal fin in Pygmy RF); anal spine 2 shorter than 3; head spines weaker.

Sharpchin RF - dorsal blotches extend below lateral line; symphyseal knob sharp and prominent; strong dark stripes extend posterior to eye.

Pacific Ocean Perch - symphyseal knob sharp, elongate; head spines weak and count differs; anal spine 2 shorter than 3.

Distribution: Gulf of Alaska - Southern California

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