(Red rockfishes with weak head spines)

Pacific Ocean perch
(Sebastes alutus)

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Body color: Light red, including fins; dark olivaceous areas on back under soft dorsal fin and on caudal peduncle.
Maximum length: 20 in (55 cm) Peritoneum color: dark
Maximum depth: 451 fm (825 m) Shape between eyes: convex to flat
Common depth: 55-192 fm (100-350 m) Counts: D:XIII-XIV,13-17, Ar:6-9, P1:15-19, GR:30-39, LLp:44-55,
LLs:43-55, V:27

Similar species:

Yellowmouth RF - symphyseal knob weaker, rounded; yellow, red, and black blotches inside mouth; specimens <40 cm w/ discrete opercular blotch, diffuse dorsal blotches; 57-67 scales below lateral line (43-55 in POP).

Sharpchin RF - dorsal blotches large w/ at least one extending across lateral line; forked bar radiates from eye; head spines strong and count differs; anal spine 2 longer than 3; dorsal rays typically 14 (typically 15 in POP); anal rays typically 7 (typically 8 in POP); pectoral rays typically 17 (typically 18 in POP).

Redstripe RF - lateral line light, contrasted by dark mottling above and below; head spine count typically differs.

Northern RF - dorsal spines typically 14; dark bars radiate posteriorly from eye; pectoral fin w/ oblique pink slash on ventral portion; head spine count differs.

Chilipepper RF - dorsal blotches absent; lateral line red or pink; belly whitish; peritoneum light; head spine count differs.

Distribution: Bering Sea - Baja California

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